Please read some of the feedbacks we received from our happy clients.

Was a truly amazing day! Thank you Candesa for organising this for our young people. It was incredible to see several of my young people in this environment. I highly recommend any CMs to go along, if you get the opportunity.

(Stephanie, LWB Case Manager)

I was grateful for the opportunity for two of the young people that I case manage to attend the EAGALA EAL Day Program held at your property. I had complications communicating with one of the young people during my fortnightly visits. During the introductory visit, the young person was prompted by her carer to say hello.  On the second visit, I asked a question and received a one word answer before she exited the room. young person was new to the service and I was unsure of her communication ability. I observed the young person interacting with the horses and she was in full song.  I was absolutely dumb founded how well she communicated with the horses, willing to converse with them and showed no fear in their presence.  I was able to join the young person after the initial observation and enter the conversation.  The young person introduced me to the horse she connected with, who she nickname Kala. As a CM, I was able to ask a number of questions and received a thoughtful answer. From two words in two visits, to flowing conversation, EAL helped build a friendship and a working relationship. I have visited the young person a number of times since this. The young person now welcomes me into her placement and is eager to discuss her day.  The young person now feels confident chatting with me. The EAGALA event assisted with building that trust and accelerated the process. I had wonderful day and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

(Aaron, LWB Case Manager)


At HORSEACCORD we use the EAGALA Model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Personal Development

Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”
Winston Churchill