HorseLeads is a leadership and skills development program open to all ages for those who are looking for something to do outdoors that is unique and fun, while also educational. Fancy a game of HorseSoccer? Or HorseBilliards? Participants have an opportunity to engage in set challenges and refine their problem solving, communication, and motivational skills through fun, interactive, ground-based activities with horses. It is a chance to get outdoors and learn about yourself and others while engaging in challenges that require skills such as being a team player, forward planning, exploring ideas, problem solving, developing strategies and testing them, and most of all being creative and thinking outside the box! It is a great way for parents, carers, teachers, or caseworkers to spend some quality time with their children and young people. Through the horses, participants experience thinking laterally, being a team player, overcoming challenges, honing communication and leadership skills, and increased confidence. This is not a riding program. When participants work directly with horses on the ground on an equal footing it enables them to better read the horse’s actions and reactions to process and solve challenges. This is an open group that runs regularly during school terms, weekends, and over the school holidays.

For further information or to book into this program, please call us or provide your email address via the “Contact Us” page and we will be sure to contact you.

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