A parenting course with a difference! Communication break down within the family can be difficult and HorseSynergy can provide the key to unlocking the door of understanding between family members. Horses are highly social animals that all have a place in their herd and depend on each other for safety and growth. When they are safe they will eat and play and interact with their immediate surroundings. Herd dynamics can help families understand their own lives. Observing and interacting with a herd of horses can help individuals better understand the dynamics of their own family and provide a positive model for collaboration, support and trust. This program is solution focused and very flexible depending on the needs of the individuals in the family system. The activities are planned around the horses’ reflected behaviours in response to each participant’s presentation and the family dynamics that emerge. A range of topics are explored including body language, verbal and nonverbal communication, conflict resolution, personal comfort zones, developmental stages, parenting styles, and family leadership. Activities with the horses also provide an opportunity for family members to practice with immediate feedback relating to new behaviours, as they explore what best works for them. Sessions are set in the beautiful outdoors and conducted by a therapy team consisting of a licensed mental health professional, a certified horse specialist, and horses. The program runs over six to ten (75 minute) sessions, in accordance with the family’s needs or therapeutic goals. The program is also highly suitable for Family Intervention and Reunification Services. For further information or to book into this program, please call us or provide your email address via the “Contact Us” page and we will be sure to contact you.